Site Maintenance Subscriptions

Maintain a backup, fix up little bits here and there

So we’ve built your website, but you:

1) want to make sure that it is backed up somewhere else outside your or our servers, in more than one location, and that this backup is fully recoverable (starter package includes a monthly manual backup, standard package includes a fortnightly manual backup)

2) want to have someone spend a little time here and there to fix up tiny little bits of code you just don’t know how to, or do not have the time to do so, or running other back-end functions such as email account setups or site-forwarding.

3) want a content delivery network (CDN) configured on your site for faster page load times

4) want a secure set-up which will protect you against Distributed Denial of Serivce (DDoS) attacks

Please feel free to make contact with us, or go ahead and purchase our services as an add-on.

Payment Options


1) As with any service prices are subject to change, unless of course you are an existing customer and have already subscribed to a service, prices are frozen for three years
2) You may stop this service at any time, for a release of all backups made, a one-time $199 surcharge is applied
3) This service is only available to our site-build clients
4) You must inform us two weeks (14 days) ahead of time, if you would like to cancel your service, to avoid us charging your account unnecessarily