Site Hosting Subscriptions

So you’ve elected to build a site with us, but have not thought about hosting, well we’ll offer you some of the cheapest, but fast!, hosting you can get in Australia right here.

So what will each package get you?

Pico – Super Simple Site, 1 email inbox that does not go past 50mb in storage
Nano – Simple Site, very small frills-free WordPress installation for example
Micro – Full Site, though not too many photos, definitely no videos, and small email inbox
Tiny – Full site, a selection of high-quality photos and a larger email inbox
Teensy – Full site, with 1 backup stored on the server
Small – As above but with more space
Little – As above but with even more space
Medium – Run a larger website and host some HD video footage locally

Managed WordPress – Have your WordPress website, and have updates and occasional on-request backups managed on your behalf.

1) As with any service prices are subject to change, unless of course you are an existing customer and have already subscribed to a service, prices are frozen for three years.
2) Bandwidth overage, that is going over allotted bandwidth, will result in user notification with a suggestion to upgrade to a higher package. We are lenient in this regard, and understand that on some months a website will occasionally go over their monthly allowance.
3) These packages are only available to current customers of our site building or SEO services