Zourouna Concert 2017

This concert was held at the Sephardi Association of Victoria.

magnetey.es applied guerrilla marketing techniques, ensuring the concert would be successful on a shoestring budget, with the added constraint of not being able to openly advertise the event’s location due to fears of an imminent terrorist attack. Facebook group and page updates were made regularly, a fete board was negotiated and kindly sponsored by Gary Peer Real Estate, prime event placement in entertainment sections of Jewish and local newspapers were mentioned before and after the event, and the event was advertised in the Tribe app.

All in all the event was a success, it was well attended, enjoyed and generated a modest profit.

Zourouna 2017 Australian Jewish News

Zourouna on front cover of St Kilda News

Zourouna in St Kilda News entertainment section

Zourouna 2017 Fete Board