Wendy required the following items on a shoestring budget:

  • a Facebook page to engage her potential audience of children and parents
  • an email template to answer inquiries and collect payments
  • online survey for parents to fill out details regarding their children’s participation
  • payment gateway setup to receive payments

Before having consulted magnetey.es, Wendy had also printed out her business’ flyers with an error, mentioning that her Facebook page could be found at the littlesproutsfacebook.com domain.

-> magnetey.es set up the Facebook page using photos from Wendy’s teaching garden.

-> The freely available, Google Docs was used to run Wendy’s email template and online survey, whereby she could track parents’ answers regarding children’s details online, which significantly reduced paperwork on both the customers’ and her end.

-> A Little Sprouts Paypal merchant account was created; the payment button was embedded into the email template so that parents could pay for their children’s holiday program from within their email; fewer steps to payment meant that there was an increase the likelihood of a payment being made.

-> Instead of discarding of a large amount of flyers due to a misprint, the domain name littlesproutsfacebook.com was purchased for $12 and redirected to the Little Sprouts Facebook page.

Wendy’s summer holiday program ran successfully; greatly encouraged by her participants’ enthusiasm, Wendy has so far also run a second holiday program during the school holiday period of Easter.

The Little Sprouts program was also featured on the front page of local newspaper the Port Phillip Leader: