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Unsolicited Email for a Domain Registration

Hey, don’t you love unsolicited email? Especially when it come with a special rip-off price?
Anyway I recently received an email from a company trying to charge me an exorbitant amount for domain registration.
And they were all chummy, as though what they were offering me I needed.
Now know this a .com domain costs between $10-15 to register at the moment, any one time fees, and “would you like fries with that?” additions should be avoided.
Though, I can think of one addition that is worth your while, and that is buying domain privacy, so that if you’re running a site that is spamming people with this nonsense, you won’t be found out.

Two Wins on Tax Day

Yep that’s right, winning on tax day…but on points of SEO.

For context, 31 October is the last day you can submit taxes here in Oz before getting fined.

Anyway today I had a Michigan Frog moment, trying to demonstrate my most recent mini successes with two clients of mine: Grace PT and AllType Kitchens.

The point I am making here is that a well worded site upon construction will get your site ranking  locally even without a Google My Business (used to be called Google Place btw) listing.

The other point I don’t make but show in the clip is that without much wording, having a Google My Business listing will get you ranking locally as well…however, the real take-away is that, if your business has only one Google My Business listing, then you’ll have to inform your potential clients that you can service them in other locations.